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Ilustrační obrázek

The company was founded in 1990, at the time the only taxi company in Most. It was gradually transformed into the contractual transportation company from joint-stock companies and also smaller companies in and around the region. We have established long-term cooperation with many.

Our bus fleet history

1996 - the purchasing of Volkswagen Caravelle for 7 persons

1999 - minibus Renault Master for 15 persons

2004 - the luxury minibus Mercedes-Benz for 20 persons

2005 - minibus Renault Master

2006 - the luxury car BMW 530d Touring

2008 - the second luxury minibus Mercedes-Benz for 20 persons

2009 - the third luxury minibus Mercedes-Benz for 23 persons

2010 - Opel Vivaro for 8 persons

2010 - the luxury car BMW X1

Currently we offer the vehicles purchased after the year 2004.

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